Scrolling vs. Rabbit-Holing

Jeanne M. Lambin
5 min readDec 19, 2023

Magic Monday №1

Welcome to a little bit of Magic Monday. Alas, poor Monday, it is not usually a day associated with magic, indeed it can have quite the opposite effect. To ballast the unpleasantness that Monday can sometimes touch on the challenges and delights of falling down internet rabbit and offer a gentle reminder to keep in mind when determining if the mental filed trip is a diversion worthy of our attention.

Astute readers will note that the format of this email looks suspiciously like Rabbit Hole Wednesday. You are not wrong! But, alas, there is magic in them there holes!

Oh the places you will go!

For a perennially curious person, the internet, with its billions of pages of content can be a veritable rabbit hole. Start off in search of a mushroom soup recipe, and hours later you might find yourself reading about the information networks of mushrooms, then onto plant communication, and deadly mushrooms, before revisiting the Blue Marble images taken aboard Apollo 17.

Before you know it, hours have passed, and there is no soup recipe to be had, but somehow that dopamine hit of discovery is equally satisfying. The internet can be an amazing place. It can also be challenging, the internet is a rigged game to capture and keep our attention, one click at a time. Cat videos, potato chip gifs, whateverthedistraction, the effluvium of all human thought is as astonishing as it is sometimes mesmerizing. So what is a curious person to do?

Be intentional.


Get lost sometimes…

I mean really, what is the point of having access to this abundant world of information, if we don’t take some delight in it? If we don’t indulge? Indeed, if you have a smart phone, it can be so hard to get lost these days. If our bodies can’t wander, then let’s at least let our minds.

…get utterly lost when looking.

Quote from Alice in Wonderland in white letters set against a blue background with a photo looking up from the bottom of a hole.



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